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“We are called to mobilize, train, empower and release workers who bring new hope and transformation to the nations”

What Is YWAM?


YWAM is an interdenominational christian mission organization, religious in nature but not affiliated with any specific church denomination therefore working with all christian churches in the country.


YWAM is also international in scope, the international mission started in 1960 in the United States of America but has since spread in over 180 countries, with over 1,500  mission centers (like Ywam Arusha) and with a staff population of over 18,000 volunteer missionaries.


The mission both local and international works in three key areas of:
Christian Training
Mercy/Relief services (Community development & related activity)

Youth With A Mission therefore can best be described as a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, christian traditions, backgrounds dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world and given to the service of mankind across the globe. In all our activities, ministries and training programs we desire to see God’s transformation take effect in every sphere of society from Family, Government, Economics, Religion, Education, Media, Arts & Sports.

YWAM Arusha - Tanzania

A Hub To The Nations

YWAM Arusha sees itself as a “hub to the nations” and our facilities are designed accordingly.
We champion men and women of all races to fulfill the great commission. We seek to create an environment that builds, trains and disciples workers for the nations. This is sometimes done at the expense of our comfort.

Meanwhile, the earth fills up with awareness of God’s glory as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:18).

Our Vision

“We are called to mobilize, train, empower and release workers who bring new hope and transformation to the nations”

Our Mission

“Ywam Arusha seeks to create a community that builds, trains and releases christian workers to fulfll both the quantitative and qualitative task of the great commission through servant leadership and contextualized  training programs. We aim to inspire the church to make a difference where it exists”.


YWAM runs Christian religious training programs at this center.  These programs are designed to equip Christian workers, pastors and lay leaders for the service of the church and community at large.

Our Base also runs other trainings as an extension of its community development effort.

Ministries & Activities

At YWAM Arusha, there are several ministry activities and programs that you can be part of.
They include…

Campus & Street Children's Ministry

A ministry that stretches across many countries that trains youth to be faithful workers to rise up in a campus full of revival and passion

King's Kids

Children, youth and families knowing God, bringing Him joy and making Him and His kingdom known

New Vision Schools

…education is the key to social transformation, we are convinced that education is the greatest equalizer of societies and peoples…

New Vision Sports Club

We believe every boy deserves to be given the tools and opportunities to reach their God-given potential.

Rising Light

Reaching out to the community in the area of HIV/AIDS, encouraging & teaching them how to live a positive life while they are still infected

Tumaini Children's Ministry

Providing hope for under privileged children; giving educational, physical & spiritual care with a purpose of bridging the gap between today & tomorrow.

Worship Team Ministry

Calling people to be true worshippers
To worship in spirit and in truth.

We are also involved in some other programs and initiatives

As it is our core call as a mission we work in partnership with local churches in running evangelistic crusades, target-seminars in churches and also through our various ministry programs we conduct other outreach programs such as hospital visitations, clean-up campaigns etc.

Since our mission is international we often receive international mission teams/exchange programs from our sister Ywam centers across the globe with whom we serve the community in similar programs as stated above.

Also, international partner churches and para-church organizations/mission organizations do from time to time send their mission groups for short term groups mission visits.

Finally, we also receive individual volunteers seconded to us from across the globe to serve the local community through our exisiting programs and contacts on the ground.

Since 2005, our mission has distributed and planted over half a million trees, we have worked in conjuction with the local leadership, the District commissioners office as well as recently under the Regional commissioners office.

We have sourced tree seedlings from local entreprenurs as well as the Arusha Prison with whom we signed a contract for over 300,000 seedlings in 2012.

The tree project has covered Arumeru district, Arusha district as well as Singida region.

When we have had severe droughts and famine situation, our mission has sourced and distributed relief food to the most affected often throught the local government.

Currently the program of tree planting is being done in our Singida & Karatu field centers.

In our field office center in Engikaret village of Longido district, we have several women programs that we have initiated.

  • A group of 15 young maasai women have been taken through skills training and entreprenurship programs and through them we are running a women empowerment program. We have weekly meetings with them for follow-up.
  • Once a month we run a larger women program that gathers over 300 women both young and old for mutual-training, discipleship, primary healthcare and nutritional training but also as a community gathering to discuss pertinent issues affecting the women-folk and their children in the maasai locality they live in.


In Ilkiushin village, the same program looks after the aged (home-based care), often doing visitations of the very aged and seemingly neglected members of our immediate society.

We provide relief food rations are often our first target when doing larger relied food distribution when hunger strikes due to acute drought and famine.

A partnership between YWAM Arusha & Now For Compassion, Tanzania.

  • This modern, well equipped health facility is located at Olorien village near Ngaramtoni (opposite CRDB bank Ngaramtoni branch).
  • Its the brain-child of our mission and our partners in South Korea, Now Mission Hospital aimed at providing available, quality and affordable medicare for the lower cadre of the citizens.
  • We have sought to establish it as a low cost facility while having the best available lab equipments for proper diagnosis as well as qualified medical staff on hand to serve and present the love of Jesus to the sick and needy.
  • The Dispensary opened its doors July 2014 and has been serving an average of 110 patients weekly.
  • Its has 23 employed staff including medical and non-medical staff.
  • Ywam signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with Now hospital through their local representatives (Now For Compassion TZ) for the establishment and running of its services in 2013 and its official inauguration was done by the Arumeru district commissioner July 22nd 2014.
  • Apart from offering out-patient clinical services we also offer quality diagonistic services including state-of-the-art Utra-sound and X-ray services.

This program targets rescue and support of the vulnerable girl-child among the Maasai community. We seek to give the girl-child alongside underpriviledged boys an opportunity to earn a decent education and determine their future undindered by retrogressive cultural practices.

Outreach Centers

Our Mission has developed field offices designed to take our services closer to the people that we desire to reach out and also for our staff members to stay with the people we seek to serve, learn their challenges and together develop solutions to their problems.


A place of hope and transformations for the community with various programs operational


A launch-pad to reach out to Karatu, Ngorongoro District, Mbulu District and areas close by


Meant to offer training, community development initiatives, relief services as well as working with churches and Christian groups

Staff & Personnel

Youth With A Mission world-wide is a volunteer based mission organization that runs on the strength of missionary volunteers both local and international.

Being international in scope, the mission’s various programs are run by missionaries from different denominations as well as from different nationalities including local missionaries.
That status is the fact for the mission’s operations in Tanzania similar to all other 180-plus countries where the mission operates.

Our local and international missionaries are self-supporting and do not receive any salary whatsoever but instead source funding from local and international partners, churches and friends. Ywam practices dependance on God for financial provision and budgeting purposes.

Some of our projects like schools however employ trained experts in those fields all of whom are local people (Tanzanians)

Volunteer missionaries
Employed Workers
Foreign Missionaries

Wanna Get Involved?

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Leadership Team

The following individuals comprise the Leadership Team at YWAM Arusha

YWAM Arusha - Tanzania

YWAM Arusha sees itself as a hub to the nations and our facilities are designed accordingly.
We champion men and women of all races to fulfill the great commission.
We seek to create an environment that builds, trains and disciples workers for the nations.

E: ywamarusha@gmail.com

T: +255 754 562 899
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