New Vision Soccer

A sports based initiative that seeks to engage the local youths in productive and responsible living

We are a football ministry that targets local boys in Ngaramtoni between the ages of 6-25.
We put them on a team with one of our coaches/mentors and then provide the space for God to begin working in their lives.

We also have a workshop where we are producing amazing acoustic guitars that are sold in the states. The guitars are being made by one of our own boys. Having this workshop is providing amazing opportunity for the boy who is making them now, and the goal is many more will be going through our apprenticeship program and given that same opportunity. 

In a nutshell, the goal is to provide the highest quality of coaching and skill development at zero cost to the player.

We use soccer as our tool for getting to be a part of our boys’ lives. Our vision is to disciple these boys and create God fearing fishers of men. We want to see these boys realize their potential! Through bible study, English class, the opportunity for higher education, as well as the opportunity for woodworking apprenticeship, we hope to see these boys’ dreams become their reality. As they are being discipled to and invested in, we get to see NVFC’s net of influence grow and multiply, as then our boys go out and begin influencing the people in their families and communities for the Gospel. 

They come from Ngaramtoni and most (maybe 90%) are from difficult home situations. That can mean anything from no parent homes, to single-parent homes, to no parent homes that are living off of $1 a day.

As far as religious backgrounds, over 50% of our boys are coming from Muslim families. In total we have roughly 130 boys in our program. This means boys who are consistently coming to our evening practices and call New Vision FC home. 


Trade Workshop

To raise income for running the programs and reduce dependence on donor funding, the program has invested over $13,000 to establish a trade workshop at Ngaramtoni area.
Purpose of workshop is to create self-sufficiency as well as training the boys in professional wood working.

We currently are only building guitars to be sold in the USA, production projections is to produce 4 guitars every 2 months.

4 Teams

The program has 4 teams
Under 10 years – 25 boys
Under 13 years – 25 boys
Under 15 years – 25 boys
Above 19 years – 25 Boys

School Sponsorship

Besides playing soccer, coaching and mentoring them the ministry also is Paying School fees, provides books and stationery supplies for 74 boys who are in school as well as providing medical care for all the boys.

We also have 8 boys currently in higher/college level that the ministry is educating.

Prayer Needs

More Staff

We are in desperate need for more full/part time staff.
The number of boys in our program is limited to the number of coaches we have. We currently have 4 coaches, but it would be amazing if we could double or even triple that number!
That would allow us to welcome more boys in. We are also looking for a shop manager to come and work with us full time and manage our workshop. 

Fundraising Ideas & Inspiration

New Vision is growing quickly and with that growth God has given us some amazing dreams on what New Vision is going to look like in the near future. Those dreams include some major field improvement projects, the building and completion of New Vision Secondary School so that our boys can stay close by and attend a proper secondary school, our own office buildings, our own compound where we can build dormitories, there are so many things we feel God is giving us the plans for! It is super exciting and definitely can’t happen without God. So we ask for your prayers in that area as God leads us down the path of fund raising and planning. 

Boys Helped in School

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