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Staff Opportunities

Youth With A Mission world-wide is a volunteer based mission organization that runs on the strength of missionary volunteers both local and international.
Opportunities to serve with YWAM Arusha include:

Teachers (English School), Medical Staff, Property Management, School Staff (SBS), Sports Ministry Staff (Soccer Coach), Teacher (Elementary/Primary), School Staff (DTS), Support Staff, Teacher (Computers)

Attend A Training!

YWAM runs Christian religious training programs at this center.  These programs are designed to equip Christian workers, pastors and lay leaders for the service of the church and community at large.

Our Base also runs other trainings as an extension of its community development effort.

Required Qualifications:

  • Having successfully completed a YWAM Discipleship Course (DTS)
  • A servant heart, willingness to serve and go an extra mile.
  • A sense of call and/or divine direction to be involved in missions
  • Relevant qualification for the area of ministry you want to serve or at least a willingness to learn on the job

Required Qualifications:

  • Be a committed church-going Christian
  • Servant-heart that is willing to spend and be spent for the Kingdom
  • A sense of divine direction to come serve with us in Arusha or missions in general.
  • Relevant qualifications in the area of interest or at least a heart that is willing to learn on the job and just help in whichever way possible.

NB: No completion of a “YWAM Discipleship Course (DTS)” is required for short term workers

  1. Pre-school teachers – preferably with some Early Childhood Education Training –New Vision Schools in Arusha, Singida and (Engikaret – in a remote Maasai Location)
  2. Primary/Elementary school teachers – in the above mentioned schools.
    • Qualified P1 teachers able to instruct any subject in English
    • Qualified teachers of English, French, music, Arts, sciences and computers
    • Physical education and sports instructors
  1. English Language teachers(In a 3 months English School- ELS, starts March & September annually)
    • Qualified teachers of English as a second language.
    • TESOL teachers
    • Ability to instruct adults in acquisition of a new language (Good command of English)
  1. Doctors/ Clinical officersMedical Missions and Outreach program, free medical campaigns
    • Certificate of practice from country of origin or medical students interested to serve & learn
    • Relevant qualifications as a medical doctor or medical practitioner of any medically related field from a reputable institution, pharmacist, pediatrician, dentists etc.
    • Ability to communicate in English/Swahili or willing to learn either of them.
  1. NursesMedical Missions and Outreach program, free medical campaigns
    • Qualification from a reputable institution or medical students interested to serve & learn
    • Relevant Certificates of practice from country of origin
    • Ability to communicate in English/Swahili or willing to learn either of them.
  1. Social workers and Community healthcare workersMedical Outreach program and campaigns
    • Qualification from a reputable institution
    • Certificate of practice from country of origin if relevant.
  1. Other ministry opportunities available on short term or long term basis.
    • Evangelism and Evangelistic Film ministry workers
    • Veterinary or agricultural experts to take care of farming projects, dairy and poultry project
    • Adult educators -teach how to read and write to Maasai community in Engikaret (remote place).
  1. Music Ministry, Worship and Recording.
    • Able to instruct people on music writing, singing, instruments and production
    • Worshippers with a heart for worship and music in general
    • Sound engineers and recording technician with knowledge and/or experience
  1. Computer Teachers and Technicians.
    • Relevant qualification from a reputable institution
    • Able to teach basic computer skills to beginners
    • Able to Develop computers courses, programs, software and their usage
    • General Maintenance of computers and IT systems on the base
    • Heart to bring IT to the community in a way that is relevant and usable.
    • Able to teach software’s and their usage to local youths.
  1. Kitchen Manager & Kitchen (Cooking) Staff
    • Preferably with some qualification from a college on food, beverage and hotel management.
    • Experience in managing a busy kitchen and creativity to do so.
    • Qualified cooks, or people with a heart to learn and make good meals and serve in the kitchen
  1. General Maintenance
    • A hardy person with the ability to maintain buildings and the general compound
    • Some knowledge on electronics, electricity, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, gardening etc
  1. Sports Ministry and Physical Educators.
    • Soccer coaches for our Soccer Ministry
    • Youth workers to work with the community soccer teams targeting local youths
    • Sports instructors or physical trainers/therapists for our sports ministry and New Vision Schools
  1. U of N Schools’ staff in the following programs.
    • DTS – able to communicate in English fluently
    • SBS – staff able to communicate in English
    • FMS – staff with a heart for families and ready to equip leaders for multiplication of family ministries.
    • Transformational Couching Course (TCC)
    • English Language School (ELS) – English teachers and school leader to oversee the running of the course and its development to higher levels of proficiency.
  1. Children and Youth workersKing’s Kids ministry & Tumaini Orphans Children project/Orphanage.
    • A heart to disciple and minister to orphans and children at risk/in difficult situations
    • Children workers to assist in running holiday camps, children Bible programs, train teachers
  1. College & High School Youth Ministries (also reaches out to Youth groups in Churches/community)
    • Youth workers with a heart to disciple young people in Churches, Colleges & High schools.
  1. Women Ministry workers (Empowerment, health & family development) – Project to Maasai tribal women
    • A heart to minister and disciple local tribal women from unreached community
    • Community development workers to teach entrepreneurship, nutrition & basic healthcare


Plan An Outreach!

Since our mission is international we often receive international mission teams/exchange programs from our sister YWAM centers across the globe with whom we serve the community in similar programs as stated above.
Also, international partner churches and para-church organizations/mission organizations do from time to time send their mission groups for short term groups mission visits.

We also receive individual volunteers seconded to us from across the globe to serve the local community through our existing programs and contacts on the ground.

Outreach can be mainly had at our Arusha Base, or at any of our Outreach Centers


A place of hope and transformations for the community with various programs operational


A launch-pad to reach out to Karatu, Ngorongoro District, Mbulu District and areas close by


Meant to offer training, community development initiatives, relief services as well as working with churches and Christian groups

YWAM Arusha - Tanzania

YWAM Arusha sees itself as a hub to the nations and our facilities are designed accordingly.
We champion men and women of all races to fulfill the great commission.
We seek to create an environment that builds, trains and disciples workers for the nations.


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