King's Kids

Children, youth and families knowing God, bringing Him joy and making Him and His kingdom known

King’s Kids at YWAM Arusha began informally in 2002 when students who were part of the PCYM (Children & Youth Ministries) school but couldn’t afford the fees needed for outreach called two boys who were walking by and started to play with them. Afterward they sat down with the boys and talked to them about God. They asked these boys to tell other children about the time they had spent together and to invite them to the base. In the period that followed, they came with others and the students played with all of them and shared the gospel with them.
King’s Kids began officially in 2003.

Happiness, who is the head of this ministry, says she is most encouraged when she people tell her how the ministry has transformed their lives. She has learned patience, how to show love and encourages parents and teachers to understand their children and speak to them truthfully. Children are very important before God and God has a good plan for them even when their backgrounds may be poor. Children are important and God can use them to minister to others. King’s Kids at YWAM Arusha takes in children from all religions. 

King’s Kids at YWAM Arusha shares King’s Kids International’s values which are:


Loving God – To know Christ and bring Him joy

Life Training – Discipleship

No ordinary child – Children have a God given destiny and spiritual capacity

Families – Family as the cornerstone of society

Better together – Working together across generations

Teamwork – Co-operation at all levels

Reaching Out – Telling the world about Jesus

  1. To witness children changing their generation and generations to come (successive generations)
  2. To teach children to know God and to make Him known
  1. Seeing children who have been part of King’s Kids become staff and teach other children as they were guided and taught
  2. Seeing children grow and become youth leaders, worship leaders, Sunday School leaders
  3. God changing and transforming children
  4. Learning how to handle and treat children
  5. Children preaching and many people coming to Christ

What We Do

Playing with children and teaching them God’s word on Sundays

Visiting schools and teaching the Bible within a one hour slot provided by the school’s administration

Two camps a year (June & December) where children spend time learning God’s word

Teaching Sunday School teachers and parents how to teach children and how to understand them


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YWAM Arusha - Tanzania

YWAM Arusha sees itself as a hub to the nations and our facilities are designed accordingly.
We champion men and women of all races to fulfill the great commission.
We seek to create an environment that builds, trains and disciples workers for the nations.


T: +255 754 562 899
+255 686 111 821

P: Youth With A Mission, Arusha
P.O. Box 10295


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