New Vision Sports Club

A sports based initiative that seeks to engage the local youth in productive and responsible living.

We at New Vision Sports Club, want to see every boy given the tools and opportunities to reach their God-given potential. Here on the ground we are mentoring and walking alongside boys to help them realize their call to manhood—what it means to be a good husband, a good father, a good friend, and a provider.
We believe that if we succeed, the communities we work in will vastly improve and see significant declines in unemployment, single-parent homes, lack of education, and prostitution.  

Sports is what we do; changing lives is our goal. We use sports as a way of developing our boys into men. It is amazing how many boys show up at the field every day after school if there is only a ball. We use this opportunity to build relationships and start the discipleship process. Our staff focuses on the development of every player in three areas: physical, mental, and—most importantly—the heart.

Sports is the tool we use and it can be very impactful. Boys learn so much about how to handle life when put into teams with a coach who cares about their character.

Please visit us at to read more about who we are and further projects and programs included in this ministry. 

All our kids are within walking distance from our field; although some are walking up to 7 kilometers one way in order to join us. 90% of these kids are coming from families who are living off of $2 a day. Of the over 450 kids who have joined us on the field just this year, 99% of them attend a government (public) school where class sizes can range from 50-100 kids in one class. Many of them find themselves kicked out of the school system by the age of 13 because of poor grades.

We are here to help change the cycle of poverty, hopelessness and absent fathers within this community. 


Bible Study

Every Monday night, 100 kids join us for a fun evening of Bible Study, encouragement, and games. The evening finishes with a hot meal shared together.


English Class

4 days a week, before practice, we facilitate an English language learning class for the kids. We recognize the need for English in order for them to succeed in school, so we are here to give them that tool as best we can.


Tuesday – Friday we see an average of 150 kids joining us each evening at our field for practice. However, this year alone we have recorded 450+ kids who have come through our gates and enjoyed an evening with us. Our kids are divided into 7 teams:

  • Under 7
  • Under 9
  • Under 10
  • Under 11
  • Under 13
  • 15+
  • And a girls team made up of many ages!


We have an amazing coaching staff, made up of guys who at some point were a part of the program, who we couldn’t do this without.

Morning Practice

3 days a week, we have a few guys who attend a morning practice for 1 hour. This program was started for the kids in our program who have failed out of school after the primary level. Since the education system refuses to give them a second chance, we are here to facilitate that as we are able.

Prayer Needs

More Staff

We are in desperate need for more full/part time staff. The number of boys in our program is limited to the number of coaches we have. We currently have 7 coaches, each doing their best to handle anywhere between 20-50 kids at once. We would love to give them more support!

We are also in the very beginning stages of moving forward with God’s vision for this ministry and its’ expansion. So we are trusting as we walk faithfully in this, more staff would come and partner with us to make it happen.

Fundraising Ideas & Inspiration

New Vision is growing quickly and with that growth God has given us some amazing dreams on what New Vision is going to look like in the near future. Those dreams include some major field improvement projects, the building and completion of New Vision Secondary School so that our boys can stay close by and attend a proper secondary school, our own office buildings, our own compound where we can build dormitories, there are so many things we feel God is giving us the plans for! It is super exciting and definitely can’t happen without God. So we ask for your prayers in that area as God leads us down the path of fund raising and planning. 

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