Foundations in Family Studies (formerly Family Ministries School)

Restoring and equipping families for the Great Commission

The Foundations in Family Studies School is a second level course that trains people on how to build families based on Godly principles, prevention of marriage crises and family restoration. 

Mission Statement: Restoring and equipping families for the Great Commission

Head of Department: Zulu Langson & Mary Zulu

The Family Ministries School began in 2013. One of its leaders Zulu Langson was involved in a torch run (intercession as one runs with a torch) where he was in charge of praying for the family unit. It is here that his passion for families began to grow. He attended a conference in Nairobi for family ministries where he was even more inspired. In 2003, he attended a family ministries school in Uganda. He was asked to stay on as staff the following year (2004). In 2005, he joined YWAM Arusha. He got involved in the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) here as well as held seminars until 2013 when he and Mary began the first family ministries school. Since then, there have been 3 family ministries schools at YWAM Arusha; one in 2013, one in 2015, one in 2017.

In 2018, there has been a Family Ministries School in Kenya at the YWAM Athi River base. 

  • Biblical principles of family
  • Marriage and parenting
  • The dysfunctional family
  • Marriage/ family restoration and enrichment
  • Family relationships
  • Sexuality, addiction, divorce and remarriage
  • Communication skills, basic family counseling skills
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Marriage/ family seminar training

There are many benefits of undertaking the FFS.

It will enable you:

  • Understand God’s plan for the correct functioning of marriage and family
  • Understand God’s principles for healthy and fulfilling sexuality
  • Experience personal growth in these areas resulting in a happy, healthy and fruitful personal life and happy family relationships
  • Become involved in the exciting ministry of discipleship and family ministry as a fulfillment of The Great Commission
  • Develop family counseling skills which will equip you to help others in a very needy world
  • Learn skills for conducting seminars on family, marriage and parenting
  • Learn basics of communication and teamwork in ministry

Category C – 420 USD +350 USD (Visa fees)
*East Africans $450 USD (All included)
Tanzanians 620,000 TZS (All included)

Category B – $1600 USD (All included)
Category A – $2100 USD (All included)

Find out more about Categories and which one you belong to here


Reach Out

To reach out to every family, young adults and children; to reach out to society

Incorporate the Family

To incorporate family ministry in different facets of society that influence the life of a person: family,the church, education, arts and entertainment, media, government and business

Pioneer FMS

Pioneering Family Ministry Schools in different places as the Lord leads


To train people in leadership about family ministry

UofN Accredited

The school is accredited with the College of Counseling and Health Care of YWAM’s University of the Nations (CHC 256/257 – 20 credits). A prerequisite for attending the school is going through the Discipleship Training School (DTS).

University of the Nations is an international training institution with 600 locations on all continents and in 160 nations.


Seeing students transformed such that they begin to run their own family camps (multiplier effect)

Restoration and healing in families

Weeks of Lecture
Weeks of Outreach
Months in Total
Intake per year

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