Church Planting & Leadership Seminar

To bring about transformation in the community physically and spiritually.

To see all Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in Tanzania reached by providing them with Bibles in their languages. Frontier Missions aims to see God’s name glorified or be known among the UPGs, Unreached People Groups in Tanzania, East Africa who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.

Our passion is to fulfill the great commission as laid out in Mathew 28:18-20 and Rev 7:9-10; to see  “every nation, tribe, people and language” worshiping the lamb of God together.

Head of School: Emmanuel Nassary

Frontier Missions is a movement of Christ-centered missionaries who are dedicated to mobilizing, training, and multiplying disciples and churches to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in Tanzania, East Africa and other nations.

Ywam Arusha which hosts the Evangelism, Frontier Mission and Leadership Church Planting Ministry, is a hub to the Nations. It opened its doors in 2000. Since then it has been involved with discipleship, evangelism, mercy ministry and community development. It has responded to God’s call to reach out to the UPGs in Longido; reaching out to Masais. It has a growing church in Longido. YWAM Arusha has also been a part of a church planting team in the coastal side of Tanzania, Tanga. Here it has two growing churches. It was felt that starting a Leadership and Church Planting school would equip even more people to go and serve among the Unreached People Groups who have never heard the gospel.

The Evangelism, Frontier Mission and Leadership Church Planting School is a new school within YWAM Arusha. It began in January 2018 with 25 students. Its head Emmanuel has worked in evangelism for a long time and has also trained church leaders for a long time. In 2017, he underwent training in this course (Evangelism and Leadership Church Planting) in South Africa where he got motivated and inspired to fulfill the vision of transforming nations. He opines that he can carry out the work of propagating the gospel solely but he would reach only a few people. A school on the other hand can reach out to not just many people but many nations. He is passionate about reconciling people to God and about the transformation of nations for Christ.

Emmanuel feels that the best way to train missionaries is on-the-job training where they actually do the work of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. The Leadership Church Planting School will actively engage Muslims, Masais, Barbaiq/ Tatonga and the Zidgua by giving these audio Bibles so as to eliminate Bible poverty and also by giving water filters and tracts therefore making disciples that will make disciples.

The goal is to raise up as many people as possible in these groups to pray, give, go, welcome and mobilize others to hear about and know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior .

The school hopes to plant six churches every year via outreaches, teams who visit the YWAM Arusha base and staff.

Once again, the school’s chief aim is to fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:18 – 20). It seeks to train and equip church leaders, lay leaders and anyone with the heart to reach the nations. It desires to merge seven facets of society that influence the life of a person: family,the church, education, arts and entertainment, media, government and business.

To bring about transformation in the community physically and spiritually. We are mobilizing, training, and multiplying disciples and churches to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the UPG (Unreached People Groups).


  1. Mobilizing: We host outreach teams, short-term mission trips, speak at seminars in churches, train church leaders, organize conferences, and get involved where local churches want to share the vision for reaching the unreached. We want to empower people and churches to strategically fulfill their role in the Great Commission.


  1. Training: There is great need for long-term workers to reach the unreached. Through our Leadership and Church Planting School, people get to understand missions being equipped with all necessary tools for this undertaking. They learn about Biblical worldview and cross-cultural barriers. The Leadership and Church Planting school is dedicated to providing a safe environment that meets the educational, physical and emotional needs of our students. We will cultivate a high standard of academics while implementing programs that encourage students to become respectful, responsible and productive members of our community.


  1. Multiplying: We reach out to and engage UPGs living close to us in disciple making and church planting. Our goal is to see them evangelized and discipled so as to be able to go and reach out to others. Some of the UPGs include the Masai, Muslims, Barabaiq/Tatonga, Zidgua, Ndengereko, Swahili peoples, Ngoni, Indians and others found within Tanzania and outside Tanzania. Our goal is to plant six churches every year by going for outreach with students and teams.


To focus exclusively on the physical or exclusively on the spiritual would be to have an incomplete ministry. We focus on spiritual needs by building relationships with people, sharing the Gospel, baptizing and discipling new converts, and helping plant churches. We focus on physical needs by providing services that are useful to internationals such as shuttling them from the airport, helping them get settled, teaching them English, job placement, providing low-cost meals, medical missions, etc.

We are dedicated to holistic ministry among the nations.

  • Biblical foundations for missions, historical foundations for missions
  • The nature of the church
  • Evangelism and church planting, church growth, intercession and spiritual warfare
  • Personal relationship with God, interpersonal relationships, leadership and authority, team work and personal development
  • Focus on UPGs (Muslims, Maasais, Barabaiq/ Tatonga people (tribe) – reaching out to these via church planting and Bible provision; multiplying churches among the unreached

Intakes: February & September

Course Duration: 9 weeks
The lecture phase is 6 weeks. The outreach phase is 3 weeks.

Admission Requirements: Anyone who is born again and has a heart for reaching the nations.

Category A: $380 + $50 for visa
Category B : $230 + $50 for visa
Category C (3rd World Countries): $160

East Africans – $160 + $10 for visa but noteworthy is that East Africans may be exempted from visa requirements

Tanzanians: TSH 270,000

Find out more about Categories and which one you belong to here

*All fees are inclusive of accommodation and food



Mobilize the local church for missions.


Equip more workers for the mission field.

The CPLS Is Accredited by the UofN

University of the Nations is an international training institution with 600 locations on all continents and in 160 nations.


Planting a church in Engikaret, Tanzania.

Planting 2 churches in Tanga, Tanzania.

Establishing the leadership and church planting school at YWAM Arusha in 2018.

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Intakes per Year
The school began
Churches planted

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